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Nissan X-Trail SUV Manual 1.6L Diesel for Sale

Sports Utility Vehicle Nissan X-Trail Manual 1.6L Diesel for Sale Nissan’s X-Trail SUV has transformed into a bigger and bolder SUV over time. Its muscular design and adaptation of next-level technologies has made it more comfortable, safer, secure, and flexible for action-packed family trips. Nissan’s Intelligent Driving System provides more confident and energizing driving. The… Read More »


The Brand New Land Cruiser is a 4WD Sports Utility Vehicle designed for a rugged wild family-friendly adventure trip. It has a shining polished black exterior body color and built with a robust and muscular aerodynamics structure design. This trendy and sporty aggressive styled right-hand SUV offers a widely spacious interior and equipped with 4.6… Read More »

White Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.7L for Sale

The latest designed brand new Land Cruiser Prado is a dashing style built 5-door right-hand sports utility vehicle with having a fierce aggressive exterior robust aerodynamic structure and finest spacious 7 seating luxury comfortable interior design for diplomats. The 2.7 liters of a petrol fuel engine with an automatic gear transmission system provides an excellent… Read More »


For Diplomats Honda CRV New Honda CRV is ready to set its feet with a distinctive appeal look for customers all over the world after a long-awaited time. It has been completely redesigned for the upcoming year with a touch of dynamism and sporty action. This bold and trendy innovative compact recreational vehicle is perfectly… Read More »

2019 Toyota Alphard Minivan Automatic 3.5L Petrol for Sale

2019 Toyota Alphard Minivan Pearl White Crystal Shine Automatic 3.5L Petrol A unique design of minivan, Toyota Alphard is a product of Japanese automobile producer Toyota. The 2019 year model we are talking about is available both in petrol and hybrid version. The facelifted extended in length vehicle is a full fleshed luxurious car with… Read More »

Toyota Brand Sedan Cars for Year 2019

Brand New Toyota Sedan Cars For Year 2019 Car Junction Company offers a range of brand new Toyota Sedan Cars of year 2019 models. Find here a gallery of Toyota Sedan Cars like Corolla Axio, Mark X, Toyota Allion,  Camry Hybrid, Toyota Crown and Toyota Premio for year 2019 available in our stock to export.… Read More »

Toyota Alphard Minivan Automatic 2.5L Petrol Y-2019 for Diplomats

Toyota Alphard Minivan Automatic 2.5L Petrol Y-2019 for Sale The year 2019 model of Toyota Alphard, a wagon car or a minivan is a super luxury vehicle. Alphard has been built to accommodate all modern days aspects required in a luxury vehicle. Business executives and elite class prefer to buy this high performance wagon car… Read More »

Brand New SUVs For Diplomats Y-2019

2019 Models of SUVs for Sale to Diplomats Mitsubishi Pajero Pearl Automatic 2019 3.2L Diesel for Sale S.No.     74110   Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Automatic 2019 2.7L Petrol for Sale S.No.     74108 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Automatic 2019 2.8L Diesel for Sale S.No.     74107 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Automatic 2019 2.4L Diesel for Sale S.No.     73897… Read More »

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019 Automatic 2.8L Diesel Engine for Sale

Brand New Land Cruiser Prado 2019 Automatic 2.8L Diesel Black And Other Colors The brand new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size SUV offers 5 or 7 passengers seating capacity. A highly capable and trust worthy vehicle now features LED headlights and LED fog lamps and plenty of other luxury and security features.… Read More »

Toyota Corolla Axio Sedan Automatic 2018 1.5L Hybrid for Sale

Toyota Corolla Axio Sedan Pearl Automatic 2018 1.5L Hybrid The present version of Toyota Corolla Axio was introduced in Japan in 2012 with slightly smaller exterior dimension. The same was equipped with 1.5L Hybrid System in 2013 with a fuel efficiency of 3.03 L/100 km. The 2018 Corolla Axio comes with some upgrade design and… Read More »