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Brand New Nissan Patrol 5.6L Petrol SUV AT 2018 For Sale

Nissan Patrol 5.6L 4×4 Petrol SUV Automatic 2018 The Nissan Patrol is a 4 wheel drive sports utility vehicle manufactured by Nissan. The Y62 Patrol is recognized as a luxury liner on the road and to a great extent capable off road. The series of Patrol SUV has witnessed many changes since the vehicle was… Read More »

Nissan Patrol Silver Automatic 2018 5.6L Petrol for Diplomats

For Sale 4WD Nissan Patrol SUV 5.6L Automatic Car Junction Company always offers the best and most affordable vehicle for you. The Nissan Patrol’s 5.6 litre engine, is considered as the most powerful in its class but with a remarkable fuel efficiency. It has all the capabilities to go on a terrain where no other… Read More »