Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO in white for Diplomats in Pakistan

Car Junction, a trusted and reliable name among Diplomats all around the world, offer top quality vehicles for Diplomats. This top quality Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO in white colour is exclusively for Diplomats in Pakistan. This 4.0 Petrol engine PRADO is only used in Japan and a very good choice for American, British, Australian, Canadian, German, French and other Diplomats in Islamabad, Pakistan. Car Junction only deal in quality vehicles thats why Diplomats around the world prefer to buy from us.

Toyota car in blue for Diplomats
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Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO
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This Toyota Landcruiser  can be delivered to any Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, special discounts for diplomats is also available on thie Toyota SUV. In order to get more information about this PRADO please contact our Sales Staff.

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